The ever-changing world in which we live in can be difficult to keep up with, especially for food and drink producers wishing to bring new products to market.

Keeping one step ahead of your customers and anticipating their changing requirements and desires can sometimes require a crystal ball to predict. But since the Coronavirus pandemic has altered what people are now demanding, right down to what they eat and drink, it can pay you to work closely with experienced fruit preparation companies, such as David Berryman Ltd. because we work on the cutting-edge of innovation.

One consequence of the pandemic as people start to return to the office and workplace is the desire to eat and drink more healthily than before as a protective aid, and also a reluctance or inability to share meals and drinks with co-workers because of the risk of virus transmission.

This has seen a spike in sales of single-serve, self-contained food and drink products that people can pack up at home and take with them to work to consume without risk of exposure to others sharing fridge space or communal kitchen space.

Adapting to new customer desires

A lot of leading food and drink manufacturers are now having to adapt to meet the changing desires of their customers, whether that is to repackage their ranges for smaller, single-serve non-sharing portions, or to please a growing legion of remote workers that have decided not to go back to the office.

With the likes of Twitter announcing that its 5000 strong staff can now work from home forever, and countless other companies planning to keep their staff working a 50/50 shift between home and office, a lot of thought is now going into moving away from multiple portion products to individually sealed portions, for example individually wrapped cereal and fruit cake bars instead of larger tray bakes that would be taken to work and shared around the office.

A seismic shift in the food and drink marketplace

With customer demands changing so rapidly, the food and drink manufacturing industry is going through a seismic shift right now. We all must work together to navigate these new seas and adapt to meet the transitions needed for a new emerging consumer market.

With consumers priorities, desires, fears and hopes being changed forever, we must be able to respond to these shifts as carefully as possible. Whether you are considering repackaging your own label drinks range and packing it into a bottle, keg or bag in a box, David Berryman Ltd. can help you.

We supply hot-filled bottled services to help your drink ranges achieve a longer shelf life, as well as cold-filled alternatives for drink ingredients that are more sensitive to heat.

We can also trial a new bottle design you may have on our production line to see if it is effective and delivers everything you are looking for. A useful tool in these times where you may be looking to produce smaller drink servings to what you normally produce.

Sourcing healthy fruit ingredients

Food and drink manufacturers are now embracing transitional segmentation to help them understand what their end consumer now wants in a changing world. Customer's mindsets are changing rapidly as the dust settles on the pandemic, and the new long-term normal now looks to be set in customers seeking out healthier food and drink products to consume.

A harsh truth may be that your old research and customer understanding isn't relevant any longer. Brands that are researching their existing and prospective new customers are hearing that their customers feelings and concerns are shifting towards unmet needs for healthier food and drink choices.

Your company can solve this unmet need in your customers by working with professional fruit preparation companies such as David Berryman Ltd. to source the very best quality fruit ingredients for your food or drink range, and especially if you are working on bringing a new healthy food or drink product to market in response to the growing customer desire for more healthy and natural, fruit-based products.

A healthy outlook with David Berryman Ltd.

The good news is that your company probably still has a loyal customer base and your products are still relevant to them, but even your loyal customers will have a new mindset in this post-pandemic world and a whole new set of pain points to resolve.

Your new goal is to research and quickly establish what your customers want from you. Is it a healthier product that contains more fruit and less added sugar? Is it a smaller serving size wrapped in individual packaging? Is it a more portable or re-sealable product that they can take to work? Is it a more shelf-stable product that needs no refrigeration?

Once you understand what your customer wants right now, the easier it will be for you to quickly adapt your offerings to deliver what they are asking for.

Bespoke recipe development with David Berryman Ltd.

Many fruit preparation companies don't have the knowledge, experience or flexibility that David Berryman Ltd. offers. If you are adapting your product range to suit the changing demands of your consumers, or you are looking at developing a new product to appeal to a new health-conscious market, then we will be able to help!

We have a recipe developmental team and extensive recipe creation facilities to help you take your concept idea to reality most cost-effectively and efficiently. We work closely with many renowned food and drink brands, helping them to extend and improve their ranges further.

Tell us what you are looking for and our team will do the rest!

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are here to help.

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