For very many drinks manufacturers, plastic drink bottles are an easy go-to choice for packing and delivering their drinks. Plastic bottles are lightweight and pretty easy for transporting drinks in lunch bags, picnics and to take with you while you carry out your daily activities.

Consumer convenience is one of the main factors of making any drink line a success for its manufacturer, but as convenient and user-friendly plastic bottles are, there is also the environmental impact that using plastic bottles present to consider.

Many eco-minded companies have been looking into finding a more acceptable way to package and deliver their drinks in a way that reduces their negative impact on the environment. While many new packaging materials are being tested out across the drinks industry, there are many considerations to take on board about which materials to use.

Depending on the formulation of your drink and whether or not it is carbonated and pressurised, certain drink ingredients may contain elements that will negatively react with the packaging material or coatings used. This can cause the drink to spoil, or could affect the overall safety of the drink.

Chemical reactions between the contained drink and the packaging material can mean the container strength becoming weak and compromised. This could result in the drink product packaging collapsing during transport, while being handled and stacked on retail shelves or when being handled by the end consumer.

A tried and tested solution

A drinks manufacturer that is looking to move away from plastic drink bottle use and towards something that is just as user-friendly should look at contract canning services for their drink production, such as those offered by David Berryman Ltd.

While most plastic is recyclable, there is still a considerable ecological footprint left behind in its manufacture that needs to be considered. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic floating in the ocean and what plastic doesn't get recycled takes over 1000 years to decompose. This makes a good case for looking into alternatives that may be friendlier to our planet.

Why choose canned drinks?

Choosing contract canning for your drinks can help to deliver your product directly to your consumers in an already tried and tested and accepted way. Canned drinks offer a convenient way to safely transport your drink, while at the same time keeping the contents safe within its incredibly strong and durable walls.

Aluminium drink cans are extremely lightweight, meaning they make it easier for your end customer to carry around with them. The metal is easy to shape and stack securely, which means that they will sit neatly on retail shelves and remain stable. Drink cans take up less shelf space when compared to plastic bottles, both within a retail environment and for your consumer when they take your drinks home.

Aluminium is the most abundant metal on Earth and incredibly easy to recycle and reuse over again for many years. Recycling aluminium drink cans is a lot easier and far less damaging than plastic bottle recycling, so with consumers becoming far more environmentally conscious and increasingly savvy about choosing drinks that come packaged in recyclable containers, it makes sense to choose canning over bottling for long-lasting environmental savings.

We all know that there is an ever-growing demand coming from consumers for healthier drinks that come in more eco-friendly packaging. It can be a very savvy business move to switch your drinks from plastic bottles and go with a contract canning company that can deliver the exact drink products that your business need.

Your canned drinks range can look good when displaying your logo and labelling designs. As you can print directly onto the can surface, you will be saving yourself a small fortune because you will not need to produce any paper or plastic labels to stick onto your cans.

Why not contact our friendly team at David Berryman Ltd to discuss your contract canning needs.

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