As a leading supplier of Industrial prepared Fruit, we have invested both time and money in determining what makes the perfect (and best) Industrial Prepared Fruit Supplier.

The Best Industrial Prepared Fruit Supplier

For starters, all food suppliers should be subject to random inspections, and so your prepared fruit supplier should be ready for inspection at any time. They should always be using the highest quality fruit, always make sure hygiene is at the very top of the list, that strict processes and monitors are in place to trace everything that is processed through the plant, and that all staff are on board to ensure that a random inspection will always pass with flying colours.

Stock rotation procedures should be evident, so that you can be sure the fruit is the freshest possible.

Handling, storage, packing and distribution should all be controlled too, and a recall procedure should be in place (even if this is never required).

At David Berryman, we consider ourselves to be a market leader in the Industrial Prepared Fruit sector, and when you are considering your supplier, then we should be at the top of your list.

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