If you have a great idea for a canned drink range, but don't know how to get started, then it would pay you to seek out canning companies that can help you with your product development. David Berryman Ltd is just such a company.

Unlike some other fruit juice producers, we can help to develop your fruit-based drink ideas to their full potential. Working closely with our specialist product development team we can take your drink ideas right from your very first taste experiments, to the production stage, and on to the final delivery of your finished drink product.

There is no guesswork involved, or having to work in the dark with your recipe creations. Our unique originality and industry expertise mean we can tailor-make the product you desire, specifically designed to meet your needs.

Drink canning companies can make it far easier for you to get your drink ideas into cans for your customers to try. However, many will not have the capability or the facilities to enable you to fully experiment and perfect your recipes to achieve the best possible results.

How David Berryman Ltd can help

If you are looking for a reliable fruit juice producer to help develop and can your drink for you, set up a canning run, and offer expert advice using our in-depth industry knowledge, then do not hesitate to contact the New Product Development team by emailing info@davidberryman.co.uk or call one of our friendly team members on 01582 873636.

Why choose to produce a canned drink?

Canned drinks are an incredibly convenient and universally accepted way to deliver soft drinks to consumers. Aluminium drinks cans make the perfect container for your drink because aluminium is an extremely lightweight metal that is easy to shape, stack and carry. It is also an incredibly strong metal, so can stand up well to a lot of physical handling and transportation bumps and knocks that can happen along the way.

Aluminium is also the most abundant metal on Earth and is very easy to recycle to be used again. This is a big positive for environmentally conscious consumers who want to buy drinks in recyclable containers. In fact, an average drink can sold on a supermarket shelf has probably been recycled around six times each year, and will still go on to provide delicious and conveniently accessible drinks for years to come.

So if you want to go after a drinks market where the demographic customers are eco-friendly, then producing a canned drink line will be a good step.

Another benefit of choosing to go with a canned drink is that it is easy to apply your labelling designs, logo and nutritional breakdown listings directly to the can surface. There is no need to produce paper or plastic labels to attach to the cans separately.

Shelf life considerations

Because aluminium cans are rust-proof, you don't have to worry about your drink cans deteriorating over time. This has been a concern in the past where drinks were purchased as a bulk-buy by retailers, but didn't have a very long shelf life due to the nature of the product and the packaging they came with. Aluminium cans with their non-rusting advantage greatly helps with shelf-life issues.

If you would like to talk to one of our friendly customer service team members about your canned drink project, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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