The canned drink sector is growing in popularity and there is a good reason why. Canned drinks offer consumers a convenient way to carry their favourite drinks with them in a handy size and in a container that is 100% recyclable.

New drink developers are keen to launch their range in cans because aluminium drink cans provide a way to deliver a perfect branding opportunity, they have a good shelf-life and help to protect the integrity and quality of their drink product, delivering a high-quality product every time!

Some of the most inspired new drink entrepreneurs are targeting new niche audiences for their drinks where major drink manufacturers don't target or don't have great penetration.

One very promising sector is the sports and leisure industry and in particular the golf sector. Golf is a sport that appeals to a huge range of fans from all backgrounds, yet for many years golfers have had to wait for the 'nineteenth hole' before they could enjoy a refreshing drink.

No more waiting for the nineteenth hole

Savvy drink entrepreneurs are now discovering and targeting gaps in the market where they can offer their products, such as new canned cocktail drinks that cater to golfers out on the course.

No longer will golfers need to wait for the nineteenth hole to partake of their favourite drinks, such as the golf club staple, the Transfusion cocktail, a heady drink containing vodka, ginger ale, and concord grape juice.

The ready-to-drink marketplace is going through a global growth spurt at the moment and premixed canned cocktails grew by 7.5% last year, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. It is a marketplace that is growing in the UK too and offers a great opportunity for innovative new drink developers to take a slice of the growing market.

Ready to drink canned cocktail sales are also growing because of the coronavirus impact. The pandemic has forced bars, restaurants and clubs to close leading to a huge rise in demand for cocktails at home, especially for ready-to-drink canned cocktail ranges.

Making coffee more portable

For those wanting to create a non-alcoholic drink that would go down a storm with the British public, then creating a canned coffee drink is the way to go!

The UK is a nation of coffee lovers and our tastes have become far more sophisticated over recent years. No one could fail to see the huge numbers of coffee shops springing up in town and cities across the country catering to our growing taste and desire for coffee.

While coffee in a can may sound strange to a lot of coffee lovers, the idea is a genius one, especially if you are an environmentally aware consumer who wants to do their bit to save the planet.

Canned coffee drinks offer the ultimate in recyclable drinks containers, and much better for the planet than the plastic coffee cup lids that are not infinitely recyclable like aluminium cans are.

With millions of coffee drinkers taking their coffee chilled, sweet and milky, offering a canned coffee drink gives iced coffee drinkers a much better option than most iced coffee options you get in supermarkets and there still is a huge gap in the market for a high-quality artisan canned coffee drink.

Something to think about?

David Berryman Ltd. Drink canning company

When you are a new drink producer looking for a cost-effective way to package your new drink concept, then it makes sense to partner up with David Berryman Ltd. We are a UK based drink canning company that specialises in working with small artisan drink producers that are looking for small-runs of canned drinks.

We are much more cost-effective than larger canning companies that only work on an industrial level with major drink companies. Our services include working with you on your drink development if you are only in the early planning stages with just an idea for a new drink. We have successfully canned drinks that include nitro-dosed coffee, sparkling wine, ready-to-drink cocktails, flavoured sparkling soft drinks for small, artisan producers.

Micro-canning services for small runs

We offer an own label micro-canning service for small volumes. This means you can test your new drink before going to market with it and if you want to produce a drink using ingredients with a limited supply, you don't need to commit to a contract to produce tens of thousands of cans like you would with a large commercial canning company.

If you need help to develop your drink, we can support you with everything from the base ingredients for your drink to helping you perfect your recipe, but we can also help you if you have your drink prepared by canning it for you ready to go to market.

We offer more assistance than regular drink canning companies as we can arrange for integrity testing, and micro testing to ensure that your product will meet your shelf-life requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your drink canning needs. Our friendly expert drink development team are here to help you no matter what stage of development you are currently at with your new drink idea.

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