We are all aware of the government's recommendation of eating five fruit or veg a day, in fact the only reason that the government recommends five a day is because that is what they believe we can manage and there are calls for us to eat seven, eight and even ten portions of fruit or vegetables per day.

It must be pointed out that when we do talk about the five a day rule, one pea does not constitute a fifth of your daily recommended dose, but each portion is around 150 grams of said vegetable or fruit and just to make It clear that potatoes in the form of mash or chips do not count either!

In addition to this, drinking five glasses of juiced orange again does not count as all five have to be different.

Getting Your Five a Day

So with singular peas, chips, mash and 5 of the same ruled out, what is the best way of getting our Five a Day?

Obviously adding them to our meals, the typical meat and 2 veg scenario will get two thirds, and replacing that cake or doughnut with a piece of fruit also counts.

A simple and great way of bulking up the rest is by drinking fruit juices (in moderation and with variety).

Of course having the same old fruit juice day after day isn't an exciting proposition so finding a fruit juice ingredient supplier and inventing your own fruit juice cocktails is the perfect way forward and with variety you will soon be hitting those healthy figures of ten a day, which in reality if we really want to look after ourselves is what we should consider a daily recommended dose of fruit and vegetables coupled with exercise for a healthy way of living.

Why not give our friendly team at David Berryman Ltd a call to discuss your ideas. We would love to help and can talk to you about finding the most suitable fruit prep solutions to meet your needs.

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