David Berryman Ltd. is a UK-based leading fruit preparation company that supplies food, drink and dairy manufacturers of all sizes with top-quality fruit preparations, including fruit sauces, toppings, filling, baking ingredients, coulis, purees and pressed fruit juices.

Our product development team can work with you to create new fruit-based preparations for your bespoke baked goods, ice cream or desserts. You may have already sampled our fruit preparations as we supply the UK's leading dairy and bakery companies.

We may well have made that fruity swirl found in your favourite ice cream or yoghurt, the jelly in your doughnut, or that delicious topping on your favourite cheesecake.

Sugar is sweet, but so are our fruit preparations!

We all know that the government is putting pressure on food and drink manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their products for the sake of the nation's health. Many customers, especially parents buying food and drink for their children to consume, are actively looking for reduced-sugar options to buy when doing their grocery shopping and choosing what goes into their packed lunches.

Sugar tastes good, but consuming too much sugar causes tooth cavities and is linked to various health issues, including type two diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic disease and obesity.

However, while removing a lot of sugar from your food and drink products is a positive move, consumers are also shifting their purchasing behaviour away from artificial sweeteners toward products that contain more natural ingredients.

As a food manufacturer, you can still produce baked goods that taste wonderful and tick all the right boxes on the natural ingredients list by replacing sugar and artificial sweeteners with our naturally sourced, sustainable, ethical fruit preparations.

Using fruit preparations instead of sugar

Fruit has a natural sweetness and comes in a range of different flavours that can give your baked goods an exciting twist. In most cases, you can not only reduce the sugar content of your baked goods but also create a product with significantly lower calories.

For example, using applesauce in your baked cakes instead of sugar will give you a delicious sweet baked apple flavour with fewer calories than a cake using white sugar. This could be a great marketing opportunity for your bakery where you offer low sugar, lower calorie baked goods that appeal to parents and those watching their weight.

You can refresh your bakery menu and make it more popular with your health-conscious customers by offering more products that use fruit preparations with naturally low sugar levels, such as berries and citrus fruits.

Lower calorie baked goods

Reducing the sugar content of your baked goods will also make them a lower calorie option for dieters following popular plans such as Weight Watchers (WW) or Slimming World.

However, switching out white sugar in your baked goods for fruit preparations also means you don't need to use so much fat in your baking. Many baking recipes can use any combination of fruit puree or sauce as a fat or sugar substitute.

It may take a bit of experimentation to get the balance right. Still, you may just create something unique to your bakery that your competition doesn't offer - a low sugar, low-calorie option for those watching their weight, which nowadays is a massive section of the general public.

Helping those with food allergies

And the good news keeps on coming! Did you know that you can use David Berryman's fruit preparations in many of your baked goods recipes as an egg substitute? Yes, it's true!

One of the most common food allergies in the UK is eggs. Many people are sensitive to albumin, a protein found in egg whites, and some are sensitive to yolks.

Allergic reactions can include skin rashes, hives, digestive problems and nasal congestion. This means that those with an egg allergy have to miss out on the delight of eating many delicious baked goods.

Vegans also commonly use applesauce as a substitute for eggs in homemade baked goods, so if you don't already offer vegan alternatives in your bakery or baked goods range, this could be another way to corner a popular consumer market.

Eggs are commonly used in baking to bind other ingredients together. They provide moisture to dry ingredients, allowing the mixture to rise while baking. Using an apple puree or sauce will bring the necessary moisture to create a consistent batter and add a delicious flavour to your finished products.

Which baked goods work well with fruit preparations?

When you substitute white sugar in your recipes for any one of our fruit preparations, it may make some of your products a little heavier than usual. This means that our fruit preparations tend to work the best when used in recipes that make heavier products, such as muffins, pancakes, Christmas pudding and fruit bread.

Don't forget that our fruit-based sauces, fillings and coulis make excellent toppings for pastries and tray bakes. You can substitute icing and white sugar glazes with fruit drizzles and sauces that will add more exciting flavours to your range while reducing the overall sugar content of your baked goods.

If you own or run a bakery business in the UK and want to look at reducing sugar levels in your baked goods, why not contact us today to find out which of our fruit preparations will be an ideal choice for you.

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