When you run a bakery business, keeping up with the competition can be challenging, especially if your main competitors are right on your doorstep.

To keep things interesting and attract new customers to your bakery, you should always think of ways to innovate your business and develop unique bakery products that set you apart from your competition.

A bakery with high quality and creativity will keep your customers interested and happy to try out new product offerings.

Here we look at a few ways to add more variety to your bakery range and keep your customer's coming back for more.

Offer speciality cakes

Most high street bakeries don't think beyond selling loaves of bread, sandwiches, tray bakes and doughnuts. If none of your competitors is offering speciality cakes, then this could be a way for you to outperform them.

Many people want something more than generic cakes from the supermarket, so if that is their only option in your local community, you could have a new audience ready and waiting to take advantage of your new service.

You would need to hire someone trained in cake decorating or sugarcraft, or you could train a member of staff that would love to take on this role. You could incorporate different flavour combinations from our range of fruit preparations to create a unique range of flavoured cakes that your customers will love.

Offer healthy options

With people becoming more concerned about their health and diet than ever before, offering a range of healthy options is essential to give your customers more choice. There has been a steadily increasing demand for gluten-free and reduced sugar baked goods in recent years, so offering healthy options can position your bakery as a better choice for health-conscious customers.

You can use our range of fruit preparations to replace sugar in some of your recipes. Offering fruit toppings on pastries and cakes can also look more appealing to health-conscious customers than sugar-sprinkled toppings.

Vary your menu

Although your core business will be built on selling your most popular products and signature items, it makes sense never to let your menu become stale. By regularly changing and rotating your menu, you will be tempting your customers into buying something new or extra on top of their regular orders.

You can experiment and test out new flavours of popular products by introducing one of our fruit preparations into the mix. Suppose you regularly sell out of pastries with a flavoured drizzle topping. Why not try our Sicilian Blood Orange & Elderflower drizzle, which could quickly become part of your seasonal summer pastry range.

Branch out into your local community

You could be limiting your profits by only selling your products through your bakery premises. If your local community has any popular restaurants or small-scale catering services, you should consider reaching out to them and offering your baked goods to add to their menu.

By offering a range of innovative and bespoke bakery products that use our tasty fruit preparations, your new partners will be guaranteed a supply of high-quality baked goods delivered with consistent results. Your new relationships will help to boost your bottom line dramatically.

Offer free samples

It can be a gamble to introduce a new range of muffins, pastries or doughnuts if you are unsure your customers will like them. The best way to test a new recipe is to create a few small batches and offer them as free samples to your regular customers.

Hand out samples of your new ranges and leave out plenty of customer feedback forms so your customers can let you know what they think. Free samples of potential new products always go down well at any food festivals or local events you plan to attend. This is a great way to develop new products that cannot be found in other local bakeries.

Create an order App

There will be many of your customers that would love to pre-order your bakery products. This will be especially appealing to those that want to guarantee your products for a special occasion or planned get-together at home or work.

Allowing your customers to place and pay for reserve orders in advance can also help boost your sales when your bakery premises are closed. Your customers can place an order with you at any time of the day or night without needing to visit your premises to place an order directly or leave a phone message that they don't know will be picked up or confirmed.

Experiment with David Berryman Ltd. fruit preparations

David Berryman Ltd. offers a range of innovative fruit preparations for use in the bakery industry. From bake-stable fruit ingredients to pie fillings and fruit sauce toppings for cheesecakes and pastries, you can choose from our existing range or work with our team to come up with your own signature sauce, filling or topping that will make your bakery products unique.

Every bakery owner wants their business to stand out from the crowd, and you can do this by utilising our range of high-quality fruit preparations created to be used in baked goods. We can create bake-stable fruit-based ingredients that work with your particular recipe, bake time and temperature ranges.

We operate an in-house product development team that can work with you to develop a perfect fruit-based product for your needs. We can tweak the ingredients to create a well-balanced sauce, filling or topping concerning consistency, viscosity, colour and flavour.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our fruit preparations and how you can use them in your baked goods.

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