Getting the Most Out of Your Meals

When it comes to cooking and creating stunning dishes, adding that extra little twist makes the difference between something great and something sensational. And it can be that one little ingredient that makes the difference. Using fruit sauces from a quality fruit sauce supplier can liven up boring dishes and put new life into age old classics, below are some ideas to try at home.

Adding A Fruit Sauce to Classics

When making classic foods such as gammon and chips, we add pineapple to give us that sweetness that compliments the saltiness of the gammon, so for a twist, why not create a mango and pineapple sauce that you can drizzle over the meat, bringing the dish to a whole new dimension!

Wine Pairing to Gravy Pairing!

It's a well-known practice, wine pairing with food, finding that perfect wine to pair with your meal, but what about gravy pairing! Rather than making a basic stock gravy lift it up with a fruit sauce that compliments the meal, for instance with turkey, add a cranberry sauce to the gravy, with pork add an apple sauce to the gravy and gravy on duck…adding an orange sauce to give it that extra zest. Of course, these are just extensions on the classics you may want to get a little more adventurous and think outside the box.

Finding a Fruit Sauce Supplier

Finding a fruit sauce supplier that can provide you with an extensive range of fruit sauces is the key to blowing away the cobwebs of mediocrity on classic dishes and producing meals that Michelin starred chefs would be proud of. So next time when it comes to preparing something a little ordinary, make it extraordinary by incorporating a fruit sauce.

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