At David Berryman, we are always thinking of unusual and creative Fruit Sauce ideas, and in the run-up to Christmas, we know your end customers will be planning ahead and considering their Christmas menus for the festive period.

When we look at the harvesting times for the fruits, this may (but not always) start to limit what we can offer. However, the combinations are not limited to anything other than our own imaginations.

Fruit sauce combinations

Who would have thought that creating a sauce from Cranberries and putting this to one side of the traditional Turkey would create such a good boost to the fruit sauce industry at this time of year?

Apples with Pork, Orange with Duck, Pineapple with Gammon. All combinations that have stood the test of time. Isn't it about time we expanded this range of “Festive Must Haves”?

The idea of expanding the range is not a new concept, after all the more we can offer, the more likely we are of tingling the taste buds of our consumers, and enticing them to spend just a little more.

Offering a few fruit sauces at the Festive dinner table simply means we are selling more. So, now is the time to get creative for the years to come.

Cranberry and Pomegranate or Apple are not too far a stretch from the traditional but may offer something a little different for our consumers.

Gooseberry with Elderflower may push the boundaries a little, but maybe something that will take off and become a regular on the table.

So, let's explore these flavours combinations of fruit sauces by contacting our creative team.

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