The drink of choice for the past few summers has to be hard seltzer with sales of the sparkling drink increasing by nearly 200% since 2018.

If you are thinking of launching a hard seltzer of your own, David Berryman Ltd is one of the leading UK hard seltzer drink companies you can turn to for help with developing your drink.

Hard seltzer has become very popular amongst young adults that are graduating towards lower alcohol style drinks that are refreshing but come without all the extra carbohydrates and calories.

Hard seltzers are becoming as convenient to buy as picking up a can of beer, so if you want to get your drink on the shelves and in front of your target customers, you should talk to our team of expert drink developers to test out and refine your recipe to make it something completely unique.

Own label hard seltzer canning

Our micro-canning services are becoming even more popular because smaller artisan drink producers and new drink entrepreneurs can test out a small run of their drinks without laying out a lot of money with canning companies that set a minimum run of tens of thousands of cans.

Cans are a good choice for hard seltzers as they are lightweight and infinitely recyclable, which also appeals to young adults that are concerned about minimising waste and reducing their carbon footprint.

We offer an own label canning option where you can have full control over the design of your sleeve and make it a truly unique drink to highlight your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Why is hard seltzer becoming so popular?

For someone looking to break into the drinks market, developing a hard seltzer drinks range could be a great idea. These drinks are simply a blend of carbonated water, fruit flavourings and alcohol. Because they use sparkling water as a base instead of more sugary canned cocktail drinks that use lemonade and sugar syrups, these drinks are low in alcohol, carbohydrates and calories.

At around 5 to 7% alcohol by volume, these are a better choice for those looking for low alcohol drinks when compared to some beers, wines and cocktail mixes. Less alcohol and sugar means fewer calories too, so hard seltzers are a good choice for those who are watching their weight.

Hard seltzers are also looked at as being fizzy drinks for grown-ups who love the flavour of refreshing fruity drinks but want something more adult to drink than a can of coke or sprite.

Major drinks companies are now making it

In recent years hard seltzer has penetrated the drinks market to such an extent that it has made the major drink manufacturer's ears prick up. Almost every major brewer has introduced at least one hard seltzer drink to their range.

If the UK's largest drinks manufacturer are jumping on this trend then you can bet there is money to be made by launching your own artisan hard seltzer drink range.

With the rise in popularity of craft drinks, it is worth getting on board with these drinks and offer a unique flavour in small batches that creates an air of rarity and exclusivity, and therefore desirability, around your brand.

Many of the larger brewing and alcoholic drink companies have been paying close attention to the data and it is hard to ignore the boom in sales in the hard seltzer category. At the current rate, it is expected that sales of hard seltzer will surpass those of canned cocktails in the coming years.

Giving your hard seltzer a premium feel

There is of course a lot more to developing your new hard seltzer drink than getting the recipe right. With the help of our drinks development team, we can help you to perfect your unique drink recipe and even add an interesting twist to it by blending with one of our many drink compounds.

Apart from perfecting your drink recipe, you need to consider how you package and label your hard seltzer drink to make it look eye-catching, appealing, and to give it a premium feel that adds value and desirability to your drink.

How your drinks look on the shelf is important as you need to target your packaging and labelling to your ideal customer base. Up until now giving a premium look to hard seltzers has been sadly missed by many drinks manufacturers. By working with our design team you will be able to come up with a sleeve design that makes your drink look and feel premium and special.

Stay on trend with hard seltzer drinks

Every so often a new drink will come along that is a true market disruptor and hard seltzers really fit this description! People have a great desire to buy new products and offering them a drink that ticks so many consumer boxes are always going to be a major hit.

While a lot of people will drink hard seltzers because it's the latest thing, many will stick with drinking them long after the craze has peaked simply because these drinks offer the modern consumer everything they are looking for in a drink, namely refreshing fruit flavours that they love, combined with low alcohol and reduced sugar content.

Need tips on choosing your Hard Seltzer Drink Flavours?

If you would like to talk to our drink development team at David Berryman Ltd to discuss the development of your new hard seltzer drink, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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