If you are developing a new food or drink product, then you will be looking at working with one of the most well-established, tried and tested, as well as highly trusted fruit prep manufacturers in the UK.

David Berryman Ltd is one of the UK's leading fruit prep manufacturers and you can work with us to develop the perfect fruit preparations or sauces that you need to create your new product. We already work with the UK's top dairy and food manufacturing companies, so the chances are that if you eat or drink many popular items from any well-known food brands, you will already have sampled our high-quality fruit-based products.

Bespoke fruit sauces and fillings

We understand that you want your new food product to be different than anything else on the shelf. When you want to develop something unique, we can help by working with you to come up with a flavour combination from our high-quality fruit preparations to create a bespoke solution.

There is nothing we have not tackled before. We love a challenge and have worked for many years to help companies come up with many innovative products or combinations of food ingredients that have never been used together before.

As we already supply the UK bakery and dairy industries with our fruit prep solutions, should you be formulating a new yoghurt line, a unique ice-cream or a range of cakes or pastries that need a fruit filling or sauce, puree, coulis or fruit concentrate, we will be able to accommodate your needs.

High-quality fruit preparations

David Berryman Ltd has years of experience producing a wide range of different flavours and texture combinations. So we can provide you with everything from a smooth and thick fruit puree to a more pourable sauce solution with pieces of real fruit suspended within the mixture.

We use only the highest grade of natural fruit, so you will know that your end result will be pure and tasty! Through our bespoke blending and compounding services, we can help you to formulate a fruit solution with just the right balance of added sugar, flavours and colours.

Our dedicated team of product developers will be at your side throughout every step of your new product creation. We can give you our honest opinion about whether or not your new product concept will work - or not!

Our years of knowledge and experience as fruit prep manufacturers has taught us many lessons. We have learned a lot through idea trial and error, so we will tell you if your concept has a flaw that we have come across before and will be able to advise you of a solution or a way to resolve any issues that may occur during production.

No matter what original idea you have - and no matter how new or outlandish it may seem, we will be able to work with you with our many different fruit preparations to create a new product that you can be proud of!

Fruit prep flexibility

David Berryman Ltd fruit prep manufacturers already produce a range of flexible fruit-based solutions that are used in:

· Ice cream fillings

· Ice cream layers (swirls)

· Cheesecake toppings

· Pastry fillings

· Dairy drinks

· Yoghurt flavourings

· Cereal bars

· Cake fillings and toppings

· And more...

When developing a new product you will usually start with a specific base fruit as your main flavour. You may choose to use this as your sauce flavouring with added pieces of the same of different fruit added where you want to add more interest or you want the fruit to be the main feature of your product.

Fruit pieces used in your product can vary in size, so, for example, you may want larger pieces suspended in a more viscose syrup to be used as a topping for a pudding or cheesecake, or much smaller pieces to create a pastry filling.

The visual appeal of your product

Because you have total control over the blending and compounding of your fruit-based sauce or puree, you can choose how much sugar and colour infusion you want. So for example, if you want to have a fruit-based topping for a cheesecake that is very appealing to the eye, you may want to put more natural colour infusions into the blending and compounding stage to get the results you want.

However, if you want to create and market a low-sugar, healthier cake bar, you may want to only use the natural fruit sugars found in our pure fruit preparations without any added sugar or colours.

Of course, if you want to incorporate our fruit prep products into the fabric of your product, such as fruit baked within a cake bar without a topping, then the visual aspect will be less of an important aspect for you.

So the choice is yours about whether or not you want a fresh-fruit preparation or sugar infused fruit preparation to suit your needs.

Hitting the right balance

When creating a new food or drink product you will also need to think about the percentage of fruit contained in your fruit preparation. The higher the fruit content, the more costly your end product will be, however, the higher natural fruit content will give you a more premium product that will be more desirable for your customers looking for a high-fruit content food or drink product.

Why not give our friendly team at David Berryman Ltd a call to discuss your ideas. We would love to help and can talk to you about finding the most suitable fruit prep solutions to meet your needs.

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