Energy drinks have quickly become one of the leading non-alcoholic types of beverage consumed by the public who need a boost to their physical or mental energy.

These popular drinks are usually fortified with caffeine, guarana, taurine, B vitamins and other stimulating ingredients. Although there are energy drinks available with low to no caffeine and also sugar-free versions for the more health-conscious consumer looking to reduce their sugar consumption.

David Berryman Ltd. Have plenty of working experience in the energy drink development marketplace and we make our services available to work closely with already established drinks manufacturers or new innovative drink creators wanting to develop new ranges of energy drinks to bring to market.

With the current top three energy drink brands - Red Bull, Lucozade and Monster - dominating the UK marketplace, worth a combined £962m, it is high time that new energy drink development projects are seeking to take a slice of the market.

Sugar-free energy drinks

Despite the huge growth in energy drinks over recent years, there is a growing demand for sugar-free versions of popular brands. This has led energy drink manufacturers to design drinks for a different kind of consumer - ones that want all the energy-boosting benefits of the drink, but without the added sugar and calories that come with traditional energy drinks.

David Berryman Ltd. Have successfully worked closely with energy drink manufacturers to develop new sugar-free drink lines that not only meet the demands of these consumers, but the drinks also taste good and pack a great energy boost with a combination of ingredients from naturally derived sources.

Sports and high energy drink development

Energy drinks are taken very seriously by the sports fraternity, and they are always looking for the lastest trendy recipe or formulation to deliver a boost of energy to help them get through a tough workout or to recover their energy levels post-workout.

For both the sports fraternity and high-energy seeking consumers, the taste is also an important factor. In the early days of energy drinks, taste came second to delivering the ingredients needed to give the consumer an energy boost when they needed it.

With many years of further development, consumers now demand an energy drink that meets their taste expectations as well as delivering what they want from the drink. With the sheer rate of flavour innovation now offered by drinks developers such as David Berryman Ltd., New energy developers are challenging the big players in the marketplace and giving them no room to rest on their laurels!

Energy drink innovation is vital for a new drink company that wants to compete with already well-established brand names, but with energy drinks being the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drink sector for a number of years now, there is plenty of room for new-comers to carve out their own niche.

Energy drink development for all consumers

What is interesting to note is that energy boosting drinks are becoming popular with a broad range of shoppers. According to current sales figures, there appears to be an overlap in consumer behaviour with growth in take-home multi-pack purchases as well as on-the-go purchases of single units.

The energy drink sector where glucose isn't the main energy ingredient has seen a huge growth in sales, a lot of which could be put down to both growing consumer demand for sugar-free drinks as well as the widespread sales bans of sugary energy drinks to under-16s. According to current sales data, the energy drink sector is one of the fastest-growing segments in the non-alcoholic RTD industry.

Aligned with the rapid growth in energy drink sales, there is an increasing demand for innovative new drink lines, making this a perfect time for new energy drink developers to venture into the market.

The timing could be great for any new drink entrepreneurs looking at creating a new energy drink to bring to market. David Berryman Ltd. Would be the first place that an aspiring new drink developer would turn to in the UK when developing and testing a new recipe. The great thing about working with our recipe development team is that we have the perfect facilities and all the state of the art equipment you need to develop your drink recipes.

Our recipe development team are ready and waiting to take on the development of your unique energy drink recipe. Our years of experience and recipe creation knowledge will prove to be invaluable to you when you need to develop your drink product and bring it in on budget in a timely manner.

Drink formulation and testing

With the help of our team at David Berryman Ltd. You can formulate a new drink or create a sugar-free version of your existing energy drink range where you need to closely match the flavour and drink experience that your customers expect.

We already work closely with major drink producers and distributors, helping them to expand and improve on their existing drink ranges to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers. We even have our own product canning and packaging services so we can help get your new energy drink off the paper, through development and testing, and then packed into a suitable RTD format ready to hit the shelves.

Tell us what you are looking for in your new energy drink and our team will do the rest!

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at David Berryman Ltd. To discuss your energy drink development needs. We are here to help!

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